Uniting To Support Africa’s Rangers

Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024

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The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, launched in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, has become an annual celebration of solidarity and connection among wildlife rangers. These dedicated individuals unite across Africa's protected areas with a common goal: raising crucial funds for frontline conservation efforts. The campaign has not only raised over $16 million to date but has also connected rangers from 24 African countries with supporters from over 90 countries worldwide, forging a global alliance for wildlife conservation.

Within the rangering profession, there is a remarkable diversity of roles, with rangers serving as conservationists, teachers, community support workers, and leaders. Their contributions extend beyond protecting wildlife and immediate communities, aligning with the global UN Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge provides an unparalleled network for rangers across the continent to connect, support one another, and combat the feelings of isolation often experienced in their remote and challenging work environments.

Despite their invaluable efforts, rangers operate under hazardous conditions with limited safeguards. Shockingly, a survey revealed that 88.6% of rangers in Africa have faced life-threatening situations, while many lack essential insurances, such as health, life, and long-term disability coverage. In collaboration with the Game Rangers Association of Africa and other partners, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge aims to highlight the value of a ranger's life and strives to ensure that as many rangers as possible have access to adequate insurance. By supporting this initiative, we can help protect these brave men and women as they continue their critical work in safeguarding Africa's natural spaces and wildlife.

Visit https://wildliferangerchallenge.org/ to find out more.