Save the Rhino Trust - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024

Save the Rhino Trust is taking on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise awareness of the vital role our 95 rangers play in protecting Namibia's Kunene Region, and supporting an estimated 500 livelihoods.

Kunene Region – Namibia

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Our Story

Rangers are Africa’s unsung heroes. They hold diverse roles as conservationists, teachers, community support workers, leaders and much more.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk, is a celebration of solidarity, connection and camaraderie for the ranger profession. Culminating on 21st September 2024, the campaign raises vital funds for Africa's biodiversity guardians.

Namibia hosts the biggest metapopulation of black rhinos remaining in Africa and is the stronghold of the south-western subspecies. Close to two thirds of the total population of this taxon are found in Namibia and rhino numbers have increased steadily under a well-established and innovative conservation and management program. A significant number of black rhinos are also held under the Custodian Program, in which the state-owned black rhinos are monitored and protected on private land.

The Kunene Region’s rhinos are protected and monitored by Save the Rhino Trust (SRT), a Namibian NGO that operates under a government mandate. The rhino population is spread over a 25,00km2 area that is a mosaic of communal conservancies and tourism concessions. 

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