Northern Rangelands Trust - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024

Northern Rangelands Trust is taking on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise awareness of the vital role our 1,033 rangers play in protecting Kenya's and Uganda's Ecosystem, and supporting about a million livelihoods.

Northern Rangelands Trust – Kenya

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Our Story

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk, is a celebration of solidarity, connection and camaraderie for the ranger profession. Culminating on 21st September 2024, the campaign raises vital funds for Africa's biodiversity guardians.

Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) and its 45-member community conservancies have employed a total of 1,033 conservancy scouts and wildlife response units in Kenya and Uganda, ranging from Savannah to woodlands and marine areas, with the sole purpose of protecting wildlife and marine species.

The teams are tasked with conducting daily patrols to monitor wildlife and gather information on wildlife trends, anti-poaching, preventing bushmeat poaching, illegal logging, charcoal burning, and mitigating and raising awareness of Human Wildlife Conflict within their operation areas.

To date, the Ranger Wildlife Challenge has aided their operations by providing fuel for regular patrols, as well as supporting the purchase of equipment, rations, and welfare. During the 2022 drought, rangers went out of their way to distribute hay to wildlife in some conservancies to help them cope with drought effects. 

Give today and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, amplifying your impact. Join us in speaking up #ForWildlifeRangers


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Great work you are doing, i wish you every success

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