Mount Kenya Trust Elephant Corridor Team - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024

Mount Kenya Trust has deployed a team of 46 rangers divided into 7 teams who traverse the mountain to protect Wildlife and Habitat. Among these teams, is the Elephant Corridor team which patrols and maintains the Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor.

Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor Team

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Supporting TheMount Kenya Elephant Corridor Team.

Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) is dedicated to conserving Mount Kenya's biodiversity and natural resources, partnering with government, communities, and civil society. With 20 years of experience, MKT promotes human-wildlife coexistence through collaborative conservation efforts. The Trust deploys six ranger teams alongside the Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service. These teams patrol the Mount Kenya Forest and its diverse ecosystems, monitor wildlife, engage in conservation education, fight wildfires, maintain the 12km Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor, and promote human-wildlife coexistence.

This year the Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor Team, will participate in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge. This team maintains the elephant corridor and patrols adjacent areas to curb biodiversity threats. The Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor reconnects mountain elephant populations with those in Samburu and Laikipia. Spanning 14km with a 27km fence line and covering approximately 480 hectares, it was strategically chosen as a natural valley with forested and open plain areas.  The first elephant, Tony, passed through the underpass on January 1, 2011.

Supporting the Elephant Corridor teams helps promote human-wildlife coexistence, preserve biodiversity in vital Mount Kenya ecosystems and facilitates safe and smooth passage of elephants and other keystone species to Mount Kenya and other landscapes. 

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