Big Life Foundation - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024

Big Life Foundation is taking on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise awareness of the vital role our 360 rangers play in protecting Kenya's Amboseli Ecosystem, and supporting an estimated 2520 livelihoods.

Amboseli Ecosystem – Kenya

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Our Story

Rangers are Africa’s unsung heroes. They hold diverse roles as conservationists, teachers, community support workers, leaders and much more.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk, is a celebration of solidarity, connection and camaraderie for the ranger profession. Culminating on 21st September 2024, the campaign raises vital funds for Africa's biodiversity guardians.

Big Life’s Amboseli Ecosystem is one of Earth’s most iconic natural treasures. Kilimanjaro presides over a 2 million acre landscape teeming with life and home to one of the last gene pools of ‘super tusker’ elephants in Africa.

However, just 10% of this landscape is formerly protected, and large herbivores spend an estimated 80% of their time outside of the relatively small National Parks. It is in these spaces that Big Life Foundation works; across approximately 1.6 million acres of land predominantly owned by Maasai communities.

Big Life believes conservation and human development are inextricably linked, and our diverse range of innovative programs, co-designed with the communities affected by them, have had incredible success at tackling evolving conservation challenges like poaching, the illegal wildlife trade, HWC, and habitat destruction.

Give today and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, amplifying your impact. Join us in speaking up #ForWildlifeRangers

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